Deportation Proceedings End After 20 Years

January 31, 2007

Yesterday, Los Angeles Immigration Judge Bruce J. Einhorn ruled that the government had violated the constitutional rights of Khader M. Hamide and Michel I. Shehadeh who have been in deportation proceedings for two decades for their alleged ties to Palestinian terrorists. However, no substantial evidence was presented that they had engaged in terrorist activities. Judge Einhorn wrote that the government’s conduct in the case was “an embarrassment to the rule of law.”  The Immigration Judge further stated that “a reasonable argument could be made that if Hamide and Shehadeh have engaged in terrorist activity, particularly in the context of today’s world, then the government would be prepared to move heaven and earth not to mention some mounds of paper to complete the trial and deportation of these respondents.” Instead, the case took 20 years to complete at the trial level and perhaps will continue on appeal.   

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