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President Signs Secure Fence Act

October 26, 2006

From the White House News Release: “We must face the reality that millions of illegal immigrants are already here. They should not be given an automatic path to citizenship; that is amnesty. I oppose amnesty. There is a rational middle ground between granting an automatic pass to citizenship for every illegal immigrant and a program of mass deportation. And I look forward to working with Congress to find that middle ground.”

Escondido City Council Approves Law Against Renting to Immigrants

October 5, 2006

Last night the Escondido city council heard arguments in favor and against a law that makes it a crime for landlords to rent to undocumented immigrants. Initial approval was given for the law to go forward.

Blogging From Space

October 1, 2006

September 26, 2006 post by Anousheh Ansar, the first female space tourist and first blogger from space:

“You cannot see any borders… you cannot tell where one country ends and another one starts… the only border you see is the border between land and water.”