October 1, 2004

Last night’s foreign policy presidential debate focused almost exclusively on Iraq. What about the rest of the world? For instance, how about Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, Haiti, Sudan, and Israel? It is unclear who won the debate. According to this Gallup Poll, Kerry won the debate. Yet, the U.S. media seems to be reporting that President Bush won. I think it’s time for us to make our own informed decisions about America’s future.

In other news, visitors from industrialized nations including England, France, Germany, Spain, Japan and Australia are now required to be fingerprinted and photographed by U.S. immigration officials. This new procedure is expected to affect 13 million visitors each year. According to Today’s New York Times, “[t]he change was made after intelligence reports indicated that terrorists might take advantage of that provision, which allows travelers from Europe and other industrialized countries to travel to the United States with little scrutiny.”

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