Action Alert

August 18, 2004

From the AILA: “Immigrants’ rights advocates around the country this week are organizing a letter writing campaign, among other activities, in support of Rodi Alvarado’s asylum application. Rodi Alvarado is a Guatemalan woman who was persecuted at the hands of her abusive husband, with the Guatemalan government refusing to protect her. Ms. Alvarado’s case has been pending for nearly ten years and AILA and our coalition partners are urging Attorney General John Ashcroft to immediately make a decision to grant her asylum. Such a decision in favor of Ms. Alvarado will help ensure that women who flee from trafficking, domestic violence, honor-killing and other gender-related abuses continue to have the opportunity to receive asylum in the United States. Please send a letter by Friday, August 20th, to the President and Attorney General Ashcroft and urge them to act NOW and make a final decision in favor of Rodi Alvarado and ensure that women and girls who flee gender-related persecution can receive safe haven in this country.” For a model letter, go to

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